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Land surveying is a process that needs to be done before accomplishing various activities involving land; for instance, buying, selling, and subdivision. Basically, it is the mapping and measurement of a certain portion of the environment using technological equipment. Land surveyors are professionals who have undergone formal education and various trainings to acquire the exceptional knowledge and skills required for their jobs. They need to be technologically adept since land surveying is done using advanced technology. Have you heard of drones? Yes, they are encompassed by those hardcore technological ideas and are believed to bring a big change to land surveying services. In this article, we will discuss about the importance of drone technology in land surveying.

What are Drones?

Assuming you are someone who isn’t familiar with this whole thing, a drone is basically an unmanned aircraft. It is also called an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or a flying robot. It can be remotely controlled or fly by itself through flight plans that are software-controlled. Such flight plans are in their embedded system that works with GPS. Drones are known to be used for military purposes, but they are also used in different activities like traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, surveillance, fire fighting, search and rescue, film-making, recreational activities, etc. It is also used in surveying, which we will further discuss in this article.

UAS and Surveying

UAS comes with two types that can be used for surveying. The first type is a fixed wing model which is suitable for one-man operations. It can be used for aerial mapping, topographic surveys, and terrain modeling large areas; for instance, stock piles and mine sites. The second type is the propeller-based system or a rotary blade. It can fly in any direction or in a fixed position. It is suitable for thorough inspections and surveying areas that are hard to reach like bridges, power lines, and pipelines. models. Although not always required, manual controls are important and useful. They can prevent unexpected problems and obstacles; for instance, during landing.

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