Geophysical Investigation

Marine Seismic Survey

Geophysical Survey is ground-based physical sensing techniques used for imaging or mapping of ground features and composition of ground and the systematic collection of geophysical data/ground features for spatial studies. Detection and analysis of the geophysical signals forms the core of Geophysical signal processing. Electromagnetic and gravitational waves are multi-dimensional signals, all the 1-D transformation techniques can be extended for the analysis of these signals as well.

Geophysical surveys may use a great variety of sensing instruments, and data collected from above, below the Earth’s surface, or from aerial, orbital, or marine platforms. Geophysical surveys have many applications in geology, archaeology, mineral and energy exploration, oceanography, and engineering. Geophysical surveys used in industry as well as for academic research. The sensing instruments such as Sub-bottom profiler.

Side Scan Survey

Sidescan sonar, hydrophones, gravimeter, gravitational wave sensor and magnetometers detect fluctuations in the gravitational and magnetic field. The data collected from a geophysical survey analyzed to draw meaningful conclusions out of that. Analyzing the spectral density and the time-frequency localization of any signal is important in applications such as oil exploration and seismography.

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